WebSVN Features


Primary Features


WebSVN uses a command-line SVN client for accessing repositories. Depending on the WebSVN version used, different versions of SVN are required:

 WebSVN version 
 SVN version 
 2.3.x 1.4 or higher (usage of "@PEG"-revision)
 2.2.x 1.4 or higher (usage of "@PEG"-revision)
 2.1.0 1.2 or higher (usage of "svn list --xml") 
 <= 2.0 any (?)

WebSVN currently runs under both PHP 4 and PHP 5.

See it in action

A demo of the latest official release of WebSVN can be found at demo.websvn.info
A demo of the latest trunk revision of WebSVN can be found at trunk.websvn.info

Note: These demos work off a local mirror of the WebSVN repository which is not synchronized automatically.


WebSVN is released under the GNU General Public License.